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    Meeting Rooms

    AYA meeting rooms across our workspaces, boardrooms and private day offices are available for one-time meetings. Create an impression on your clients and prospects with our exceptional meeting rooms across Abu Dhabi - UAE. Our Receptionists will represent your company by Welcoming your clients and assisting with catering, beverage service, and more.

    Ambiances that enhance your meetings

    • Restaurant meetings can be a nice way to bond with your prospects, but certainly not the best place to hold presentations or client pitches when you really need to impress.
    • We offer a wide range of conference and meeting rooms, boardrooms as well as private offices throughout our key locations in Abu Dhabi - UAE.
    • Imagine your clients walking into a reception with sweeping views and being personally greeted by your Receptionist while you make a living and a life to your very terms!
    • Now visualize how good it will be when you sign that next deal!